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Accountability Task Force

The Accountability Task Force (ATF) assists the Office of District and School Performance by providing stakeholder engagement/feedback regarding any proposed changes to the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System. The ATF considers suggestions and addresses concerns while working with external and internal subject matter experts.  Ultimately, the ATF makes recommendations to the Department of Education regarding issues that may be brought to the Commission on School Accreditation.  The ATF consist of teachers, superintendents, principals, assistant principals, administrative staff and external experts on accountability systems.  Members are selected to represent a diverse view from across the state and serve for one academic year.

Communication regarding the Accountability Task Force may be directed to  

2018-2019 Accountability Task Force Members

2019-2020 Accountability Task Force Members

2021-2022 Accountability Task Force Members

2018-2019 Agendas:

November 29, 2018 Meeting  Presentation  Minutes

January 31, 2019    Presentation    Minutes

February 28, 2019    Presentation     Minutes

May 23, 2019     Presentation

2019-2020 Agendas:

December 5, 2019 Meeting     Presentation     Minutes

February 5, 2020 Meeting     Presentation     Minutes

March 24, 2020 Meeting     Presentation     Minutes

April 22, 2020 Meeting    Presentation     Minutes

June 3, 2020 Meeting     Presentation     Minutes

August 26, 2020 Meeting     Presentation     Minutes

October 6, 2020 Meeting     Presentation

November 13, 2020 Meeting     Presentation