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District and School Performance

The Office of District and School Performance (ODSP) provides state, district, and school level performance measures on an annual basis.  These data measures are used to help stakeholders make decisions regarding areas of improvement and need within our state education system.  The data is also critical in helping the MDE achieve its mission and goals in general, which are as follows:


1. All Students Proficient and Showing Growth in All Assessed Areas

2. Every Student Graduates from High School and is Ready for College and Career

3. Every Child Has Access to a High-Quality Early Childhood Program

4. Every School Has Effective Teachers and Leaders

5. Every Community Effectively Using a World-Class Data System to Improve Student Outcomes

6. Every School and District is Rated “C” or Higher


The ODSP strives to maintain and produce highly accurate and defensible accountability data and results that reflect the performance of schools and districts through indicators that include proficiency on standardized assessments, growth in proficiency, graduation rates, ACT scores, and participation in and performance on advanced courses for high school students.  The office does this work with transparency and inclusion of all stakeholders through established methods and nationally recognized best practices.