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Private Schools

The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA), requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to provide for the equitable participation of private school students, teachers and, in some cases, parents and other education personnel in some of the ESSA's major programs.

Programs Requiring Equitable Services

  • Title I, Part A - Improving Basic Programs Operated by LEAs
  • Title I, Part C - Education of Migratory Students
  • Title II, Part A - Supporting Effective Instruction
  • Title III, Part A - English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act
  • Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant
  • Title IV, Part B - 21st Century Community Learning Centers

The Consultation Process

Timely and meaningful consultation between the LEA and private school officials during the design and development of the services is required on such issues as:

  • How student's needs will be identified;
  • What services will be offered;
  • How, where, when, and by whom the services will be provided; including a thorough consideration and analysis of the views of private school officials on the provision of services through potential third-party providers; discuss other possible delivery options;
  • How the services will be assessed; how assessment results will be used to improve the services;
  • The size and scope of the equitable services to be provided, the amount of funds available for services, and how that amount was determined;
  • How and when the public school district (or other entity) will make decisions about the delivery of services;
  • Whether to pool funds to provide services for school groupings, or use a school-by-school approach; and
  • Whether to "coordinate" services using Title I-A funds and non-Title I-A funds

The school district, in consultation with private school officials, administers the agreed upon program - it may not delegate responsibility for program planning, design and implementation to private school officials or staff.