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World Languages

The 2016 Mississippi World Languages Framework describes what students should know and be able to do in world languages other than English. The framework provides an outline of what students will need in preparation for life in a culturally diverse world. This document provides an outline that local districts, schools, and teachers can use to develop curriculum for comprehensive world language education leading students to acquire a high level of proficiency in at least one language other than English.

School districts should use the levels of study in this framework as a basis for course curriculum development. The curriculum should be designed to address the Standards and Competencies listed in the level of study. The framework is divided into three major sections that each have their own set of Standards and Competencies. Modern spoken language courses are included in the first section. These might include, but not be limited to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese. Classical languages such as Latin are included in the second section. The third section includes American Sign Language.


Support Resources:

The purpose of this Mississippi World Languages Teaching Guide and world languages resources is to help teachers and administrators understand and effectively implement the 2016 Mississippi World Languages Framework. This document is also meant to be a reference for world language teachers—a comprehensive document with links to multiple resources, programs, websites and research that are important and of interest to world language teachers.


Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy

The purpose of the Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy policy is to establish minimum criteria for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in awarding Seals of Biliteracy.  For more information regarding the State Board Policy, Guidelines, and the process of awarding and recognizing students who are eligible to receive a Seal of Biliteracy. Please visit the Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy.

Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy Options Seals Participating School Districts Only, click on the link above for specifications and information regarding printing seals that the school may use for the gold and silver levels. 




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Mr. Limeul Eubanks

Arts and World Languages Director