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Health Science Technology

Health Science Technology's aim is to allow individuals to grow in knowledge and skills in the health care areas of interest to them. With the knowledge and skills an obtained individual can feel a sense of accomplishment in serving mankind. 


Health Science

Health Science is a two-year skills program that introduces students to health careers, the basic health sciences, and basic health career skills. In year one, students learn about basic health care skills, legal and ethical health issues, medical terminology, body systems, and health care career possibilities. In Health Science II, the primary emphasis is to engage students in advanced skills while gaining an in-depth knowledge of health care careers, including job shadowing experiences in health care facilities. Students must complete Biology I prior to enrolling in Health Sciences.

Course credits as follows: 

  • Health Sciences Core I—Health 
  • Health Sciences Core II— two science credits on completion


Central High School
359 N. West Street 
Jackson, MS 39205-0771