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Technology Education

The knowledge base learned through technology education is important to everyone as all members of society must continually learn in a changing society that is influenced by technology. It provides for academic, technical, and social growth through involvement with tools, machines, materials, and systems of technology. It enables all students to derive meaning from concrete experiences that result from the integration of mathematics, science, humanities, and engineering concepts. 

Technology Education provides a means to develop broad-based technological literacy among Mississippi's students. Students develop an understanding of technological resources, processes, and consequences through learning experiences which include research, simulation, design, problem solving, and modeling.These experiences help students develop an understanding of how technology is changing the human-made world and the natural environment. 

Although courses have been designed to utilize modular student-directed learning, a blend of small and large group activities has been incorporated to increase transfer of knowledge and skills. The courses are designed in alignment with the national Standards for Technological Literacy.

Contact Information

Central High School Building
359 North West Street
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771

Phone: 601.359.3942 Fax: 601.359.3481