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Research and Development

Office of Research and Development (ORD) is committed to producing objective and accurate research. It transforms data into insights that inform the decision-making of the MDE leadership. ORD thereby supports the broader mission of the Mississippi State Board of Education strategic plan, to improve student achievement and opportunities throughout Mississippi’s education system.


Dynamic Research Framework and Agenda

Dynamic Research Framework and Agenda

The Mississippi Department of Education’s dynamic research framework and a list of research studies defined centering on the Mississippi State Board of Education Strategic Plan.


Publications, Policy Briefs, and Presentations

Publications, Policy Briefs and Presentations

The publications, policy briefs, and conference presentations that use Mississippi statewide educational data.

Resources for Researchers

Resources for Researchers

A library of tools and resources to help researchers develop and conduct research projects.



Information Security and Data Privacy

Policies and guidelines to protect the privacy of data collected, used, shared, and stored by the Mississippi Department of Education, which ensure the appropriateness of data use and the protection of student privacy.