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From Disruption to Opportunity

Are you OK? Ensuring the Social and Emotional Well-Being of Self and Others during the Ongoing Pandemic

Presenter:  Curt R. Green (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Mississippi's SEL Standards

Presenter:  Ginger Koestler (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


From Disruption to Opportunity

Presenter:  Sonja Robertson (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


In Their Shoes: What It Is Like Struggling to Read

Presenters:  Courtney Sheriff and Hillary Sapanski (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Keeping it Simple: Understanding How the Simple View of Reading Structures Your Classroom Application

Presenters:  Chelsea Kilgore and Amber Hicks (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Using Close Reading to Solve Mathematics Contextual Problems

Presenter:  Tommisha Johnson (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Identifying Misconceptions in Science with Science Formative Assessment Probes

Presenter:  Kevin Gaylor (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Utilizing the Three-Tier Process in a Virtual/Hybrid Setting

Presenters:  Laurie Weathersby and Jayda Brantley (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Using Google Slides to Create Digital Anchor Charts

Presenter:  Elise Brown (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Making the Move to Digital Learning

Presenter:  Elise Brown (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


The Struggle is Real: Supporting Struggling Math Students

Presenter: Amy Pinkerton (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Accessible Learning in the Digital World: Materials

Presenters:  Amy Shelly and Christy Hunt (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Assessing Student Learning in Science

Presenter:  Tanjanikia McKinney (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


The Struggle is Real: Supporting Struggling Readers

Presenter:  Melanie Watkins (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


The Struggle is Real: Supporting Secondary Readers

Presenter:  Jasmine Bell (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Virtual Learning: Co-Teaching Norms

Presenters: Kristi Higginbotham and Rosalynn Jones (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Coaching Principals During the New Norm: How to Effectively Coach Administrators During the Pandemic

Presenter:  Curt R. Green (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


What's Your Trademark?

Presenters:  Shakinna Patterson and LeKeisha Sutton (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


The Greatest Hits of School Leadership

Presenters:  Tim Wilcox, Avence Pittman Jr., and Michael McDonald (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Data Literacy and Action Planning

Presenter: Cody Shumaker (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Design 101: Communicate with Power!

Presenter:  Melissa Banks (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)


Connecting the Dots: Strategies for Inclusive Leadership

Presenters:  Christy Hunt and Denise Harrison (PowerPoint) (Presentation Audio/Video)