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Chronic Absenteeism Resources

Watch these videos to learn what chronic absenteeism is

Attendance Works: A Community Imperative from N.A.K. Production Associates on Vimeo.


Mississippi on the move for Chronic Absenteeism


School and Community Resources

  • Bringing Attendance Home Toolkit (Tools for Engaging Parents). This toolkit is intended to help the staff or leadership of any entity that works with parents, including schools, community-based organizations, parent organizations, and faith-based institutions. Its goal is to equip these staff and leaders with the tools to help parents understand why attendance matters and how they can help ensure their children's success in school by supporting attendance. This toolkit is filled with ideas, activities and materials including flyers, videos, and exercises to engage families in developing a habit of regular attendance to help students achieve success.

  • Relationships Matter:  A Toolkit for Launching an Elementary Success Mentor Attendance Initiative. This toolkit is designed to help schools develop and implement an Elementary Success Mentor Initiative. This approach recognizes the power of using chronic absence to provide an early intervention system that gets students to school so they do not miss important learning opportunities. It individualizes school planning by providing several school and district self-assessments to review data and determine strengths, areas for growth, and structure for the school to improve student attendance.
  • Teaching Attendance Toolkit (Resources for Teachers). Explore this resource full of tips, scripts, and free tools that can be tailored to the needs of your school and community. This toolkit introduces the four basic steps for incorporating attendance into day-to-day activities: Welcoming Environment, Engage Families, Early Intervention and Advocacy/School-wide Approach.

  • Parents want their children to do well in school, but many don’t fully understand the connection between chronic absence and a student’s academic achievement. Hand out these flyers to help build the habit of attendance!

 Handouts for Families with Policy Advice on how to request data.

 Attendance Works has a plethora of resources that will aid districts, schools, communities, and families in reducing chronic absenteeism.  Please click on the link to review additional valuable resources:

Additional Resources