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Reciprocity License

Five Year Reciprocity License

The department shall grant a standard five-year license to any individual who possesses a valid, standard license from another state within a period of twenty-one (21) days from the date of a completed application. The issuance of a license by reciprocity to a military trained applicant, military spouse or person who establishes residence in this state shall be subject to the provisions of Section 73-50-1 394 or 73-50-2, as applicable.

Applicants must submit to the Office of Educator Licensure:  

  1. Licensure application
  2. Valid and standard out-of-state educator license with Mississippi equivalent endorsements.
    Upload a PDF copy of your valid out-of-state educator license via your Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS) account.
  3. Electronically-submitted transcripts of all college coursework
  4. Verification of Lawful Presence form

All required applications and forms can be accessed via the following web link:  []

International Reciprocity 

The State of Mississippi does not offer the option to obtain a license by way of International Reciprocity. Mississippi Code Ann. § 37-3-2(8) only addresses reciprocity of an educator license held by an individual “who possesses a valid standard license from another state”. 

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