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Educator Licensure

NOTICE: Policy Regarding Licensure Preparation and Other Programs Completed Outside the State of Mississippi

On September 28, 2023, during its regular meeting, the Mississippi State Board of Education (SBE) granted approval of a temporary rule and to begin the Administrative Procedures Act process: To revise Miss. Admin. Code 7 – 4: Part 4: Licensure Guidelines K-12, to amend criteria regarding educator licensure preparation and other programs completed outside the state of Mississippi. The temporary rule and final action are necessary to implement the policy revisions immediately upon its filing with the Secretary of State in accordance with Miss. Code Ann. § 25-43-3.113(2)(b)(ii). See also Miss. Code Ann. § 25-43-3.108.

Please remain mindful that the policy implemented under temporary rule does not guarantee approval will be granted when presented to the State Board of Education for consideration for final approval following the public comment period.  Education stakeholders that desire to submit public comments, please submit written comments to Dr. Cory Murphy, Office of Teaching and Leading, 359 North West Street, Post Office Box 771, Jackson, MS 39205-0771 or via email at ( All public comments must be received in the Division of Educator Licensure no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 27, 2023.  APA Comments will be presented to the SBE on November 9, 2023.

APA Process | The Mississippi Department of Education (

The temporary rule for Licensure Preparation and Other Programs Completed Outside the State of Mississippi are as follows: 

Prospective and practicing educators seeking to obtain initial licensure in the state of Mississippi by way of completion of a traditional state approved or nationally accredited licensure-track teacher, administrator, certain supplemental service provider, and supplemental endorsement preparation program from a regionally/nationally accredited institution of higher education outside of Mississippi, shall first obtain Institutional Program Verification (IPV) from the educator preparation provider in the state where the preparation occurred. Upon obtaining Institutional Program Verification (IPV) using the form established by the MDE Division of Educator Licensure, the candidate shall submit an application with required supporting documentation to the MDE Division of Educator Licensure for the purpose of determining eligibility to obtain a Mississippi license via guidelines in effect on the date the complete application is received by the MDE. Educators that complete a nontraditional licensure-track program outside of Mississippi shall first be licensed in another state and seek to obtain a Mississippi license via guidelines in effect on the date the complete application and required supporting documentation is received by the MDE.

Licensure Application Checklist:

For educators that completed licensure-track preparation and other programs outside the state of Mississippi, please submit the following documentation to begin the licensure eligibility determination process:

  • Paper Licensure Application (Please upload the completed paper application to your assigned MECCA Account)
  • Completed Institutional Program Verification form (if required for your specific licensure category)
  • Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP) form (if not previously submitted)
  • Test Score Report from the appropriate testing company for all Mississippi State Board of Education-approved licensure assessments (if required for your specific licensure category/must be submitted electronically directly from the administering testing company)
  • Official transcript of all completed and required degrees and coursework (must be submitted electronically directly from the institution of higher education where program was completed)

For information regarding the licensure assessment(s), forms and/or other documents required for your requested licensure type, please visit the Mississippi Educator Licensure Guidelines.

New Educator Information System: Mississippi Career Continuum Archive (MECCA) System 

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MECCA Account Registration User Guide 

Mississippi Educator Career Continuum Archive (MECCA) System: Dates and Information


Now processing:

• All applications received (in the pending review status) the week of November 7, 2023

To prevent the delay of licensure issuance, please review the Licensure Application Checklist to identify the documents required for obtaining licensure in your desired area of certification. If you did not submit the Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP) form and required identification with a previously submitted licensure request, a copy of a valid and acceptable form of identification must be uploaded with your next most immediate licensure application submission. Applications that are submitted without supporting documents will be considered incomplete and the educator will be emailed “requirements” language stating which documents are needed to process the licensure request.

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