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Approved Course Codes for Elementary and Secondary Schools of Mississippi

Welcome to the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) Approved Courses for the Elementary and Secondary Schools of Mississippi.

The 2024-2025 comprehensive Course Code Catalog is designed to assist schools, students, teachers, and parents in selecting the most suitable courses for their students’ educational needs.

Designed in a user-friendly spreadsheet format, the Course Code Catalog includes filtering functionalities and detailed columns that allow the user to make well-informed decisions.  Additionally, we have included a “Guidance for the Course Code Catalog” section as a tab to help users navigate through the spreadsheet and to provide insights into its content.  Although the catalog is currently a static document, the MDE plans to convert the catalog to a living document that has the same functionalities as described above. Therefore, please continue to revisit the Course Code Catalog updates.

Districts should complete a Course Code Request Form for additions, modifications, or deactivations required for the 2025-2026 school year.  To allow adequate time for MDE to review and consider requests, this form must be submitted by October 1 in the school year prior to the one in which the code change will go into effect.

We trust that this Course Code Catalog will serve as a valuable tool in guiding your students’ academic journey.  Should you need assistance or further information, please contact Secondary Education via email at


Guiding questions to consider in developing a master school schedule: 

  • What courses are required for graduation? 

  • When will the school offer the required courses? 

  • What are the local interests and areas that need developing? 

  • How will you use the ISP (Individual Success Plan) to create a secondary course plan best suited for your students and their high school goals? 

  • How can the school strategically plan (or offer) academic programs that move students forward? 


Additional Resources: 

Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC)

Please contact Heather Morrison at 


Work Area Codes Resource:

Approved Work Area Codes for Elementary and Secondary Schools of Mississippi


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