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Program Evaluation

Mission of the Bureau of Program Evaluation:

To provide independent, professional evaluations to the School Performance and Accountability Subcommittee of the Board of Education and the Mississippi Department of Education. 

The Bureau of Program Evaluation adheres to the American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators, including systematic inquiry, competence, integrity/honesty, respect for people, and responsibilities for general and public welfare.


    Duties of the Bureau of Program Evaluation:

    In order to achieve its goal of conducting professional evaluations of programs administered by the Mississippi Department of Education in a systematic and timely manner, the Bureau of Program Evaluation will have the following duties:

    • Submission of an Annual Evaluation Plan to the Accountability Subcommittee for approval; and,

    • Ensuring that the Board of Education is aware of all internal and external evaluations being conducted, the nature of each evaluation, project milestones and timelines, and findings and recommendations; and,

    • Provision of evaluation progress updates to the School Performance and Accountability Subcommittee; and,

    • Performing special projects in response to requests by the State Board of Education, State Superintendent of Education, and the State Legislature; and,

    • Performing follow-up reviews for report recommendations; and,

    • Serving as the liaison between external evaluation entities such as the Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review, Legislative Budget Office, and other state and federal agencies.