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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. An educator can now use his/her personal e-mail address and/or an account with Google, Facebook or Amazon to log into MECCA. Once logged in, the educator will search for his/her ELMS account information with a combination of birth date, social security number and educator ID to connect the new login method to his/her ELMS account.
All data in ELMS will be transferred to MECCA. Any documents currently visible within your ELMS account will still be available upon accessing your MECCA account. This includes any documentation you have provided for applications, Continuing Education Units, degrees, transcripts, etc.
Yes. All components of your ELMS account will be transferred to MECCA. This will include your demographic data, current and historical license data, application data, degrees, transcripts, documents, Continuing Education Units, SEMI Credits (if applicable), test scores, and any other information from your ELMS account.
A shutdown is inevitable with any data transition. We endeavor to minimize this as much as possible. The shutdown is scheduled for January 2-16, 2023. The last day to submit requests and upload documents in the current system is December 26, 2022. Completed applications for licensure requests, which includes all supporting documentation required for the requested licensure category, submitted on or prior to December 26, 2022, will be reviewed within ELMS. All incomplete licensure applications will be migrated to Portal One of the new MECCA System and reviewed beginning January 17, 2023.
Regardless of the system transition, it is always a good practice to keep a copy of your records in a secure location. Your legacy information remains your responsibility.