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Chief of Operations

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is the executive administrator for the following offices:

The COO is responsible for the day-to-day activities associated with the business operations of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). These activities include, but are not limited to, managing the receipt and distribution of more than three billion dollars in state and federal agency funds; ensuring personal and professional services contracts are procured in accordance with all related statutes, state and federal regulations, and state board policies; providing technical assistance to local school districts in the areas of school finance, school business operations, child nutrition, and school health programs; and assisting the divisions in the agency with maintaining compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

The mission of the COO is to ensure that the business and business-related operations of the MDE operate in an efficient and effective manner, so that the primary focus is providing leadership through the development of policy and accountability systems so that all students are prepared to compete in the global community.