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The Mississippi Employer - Assisted Housing Teacher Program

The Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program is a special home loan program that is available to licensed teachers who render services in geographical areas of the state that are designated by the State Board of Education as having a critical shortage of teachers.  The program is authorized by MS Code §37-159-11 and will be administered by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). Mississippi Home Corporation has been chosen as the contractor to provide support for this program.  A maximum loan amount of $6,000 will be available to eligible teachers to assist in paying closing costs associated with the purchase of a house.  


Eligible teachers shall include any employee of a school board of a school district who is required by law to obtain a teacher’s license from the State Board of Education and who is assigned to an instructional area of work as defined by the MDE for the equivalent of a minimum of three (3) normal periods per school day. 

The teacher’s house must be situated in the county in which the school district, or any portion of the school district, is located.  The amount loaned to any teacher will be converted to an interest-free grant in the teacher completes three (3) years of employment in a critical shortage area.

To see the most recent listing of areas approved as Geographical Shortage Areas, click here.

For more information on the program, please refer to State Board Policy Chapter 76, Rule 76.4.  Teachers may contact MS Home Corporation at (601)718-4642 or with questions concerning the application process.