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Indicator 12: Early Childhood Transition (Part C to Part B)

MDE-OSE Training on Early Childhood Transition

The Office of Special Education provides information to help school districts understand their responsibilities for children soon to turn three years of age who are receiving Part C Early Intervention (EI) services through Mississippi’s First Steps EI Program operated through the Mississippi Department of Health. This presentation reviews Federal regulations, State policies, and best practices to promote a smooth and effective transition for young children with disabilities and their families.

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Guidance

  • OSEP released an Early Childhood Transition Frequently Asked Questions Guidance Document on Indicators C-8 and B-12 on December 1, 2009.*
  • OSEP replied with a Letter to Hutton and East on February 9, 2011, which provided clarification on questions arising from the Early Childhood Transition FAQ Guidance Document (see above).*
  • OSEP replied with a Letter to Hirsh on August 9, 2005, which provided guidance around issues of early childhood transition, evaluations of preschool children and the least restrictive environment (LRE) requirements which apply to the placement of preschool children with disabilities.*

*NOTE: These documents were created before the revision of Part C regulations released in 2011.

Additional National Resources

CONNECT Module on TransitionCONNECT Modules are practice-focused instructional resources for professional development using a 5-Step Learning Cycle TM, an approach for making evidence-based decisions about practice dilemmas, based on the integration of multiple sources of evidence.

Designing and Implementing Effective Early Childhood Transition Processes (2008): This resource was developed by the National Early Childhood Transition Initiative to support strategic planning efforts within states. It is a framework and tool to analyze your transition system infrastructure and systematically identify improvement strategies to improve local implementation of the transition requirements of the IDEA as well as support effective local infrastructures for effective transition practices.*

Early Childhood Transition Timeline (2012) and the Early Childhood Transition Timeline for Late Referrals to IDEA Part C (2012): These charts were developed by NECTAC in collaboration with the Early Childhood Transition Workgroup of the RRCP General Supervision Priority Team and the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) in response to questions about the IDEA early childhood transition requirements and the 2011 revised Part C regulations.