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Physical Education and Activity Services Assessment

Assessment is the mechanism used to measure educational achievement. Assessment is important because it affects how the students view themselves; the way parents, community, and governing bodies evaluate schools and districts; and the way the citizens of this nation compete with those of other nations in a worldwide marketplace. 

Below are suggested assessments designed to assess the objectives and competencies in the 2013-2014 Mississippi Physical Education Framework and some environment assessment tools to support quality physical education programs in Mississippi Schools.

The assessment methods suggested in this framework are only examples for assessing competencies and objectives. Teachers should correlate their assessment methods with the assignments chosen for instruction.

Listed below are some examples of student assessment methods:

Written Test 
Student Journal
Peer Assessment

Skill Test
Written Assignment
Parent Report
Role Play

Fitness Test
Activity Log
Student Contract


2013-2014 Mississippi Physical Education Framework

Some environmental assessments for physical education programs are: