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Librarian Growth Rubric:

The Librarian of each school focuses on the roles of the library program and the integral components in the teaching and learning process for students, teachers and all staff within the school. The purpose of the Librarian Growth Rubric is to provide the following:

  • Enhance the impact that the professional school librarian and the school library program have on the students, teachers, and other school community stakeholders
  • Highlight the school librarian’s areas of strength and identify areas of growth
  • Serve as a guide for librarians as they reflect on their own practices
  • Provide shared understanding regarding priorities, goals, and expectations of quality practice

The following documents are provided for use with the Mississippi Professional Growth System for School Librarian:

Librarian Growth Rubric Requirements:

  • Minimum of three (3) observation and feedback cycles during the school year is required (two (2) informal, one (1) formal)
  • High-quality feedback after each observation
  • Librarians must be observed using the Librarian Growth Rubric
  • Professional Growth scores are due not later than June 30

Deep Dive Training:

To sign up for a Deep Dive Training regarding the Librarian rubric and other related supports, please see the link below. This training will not count toward the PGS Accreditation Standard, but will provide more information toward understanding the Librarian rubric and materials.

Deep Drive Training-Librarian Registration


For additional information contact:

Elizabeth Simmons, MLIS, Ed.S.
MDE, Office of Elementary Education and Reading 601-359-2568