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Administrator Growth Rubric

The Administrator of each school is responsible for every level of education with their school environment, from working with students and leading staff, to assisting with parents and partners in the community. The purpose of the Administrator Growth Rubric is to provide the following:

  • Enhance the impact that administrators have on teachers, certified staff, students and other school community stakeholders
  • Highlights the administrators strengths and identifies areas of growth
  • Serves as a guide for administrators, as they reflect on their own practices
  • Provides shared understanding regarding priorities, goals and expectations of quality practice

The following documents are provided for use with the Mississippi Professional Growth System for Administrators:


Administrator Growth Rubric Requirements:

  • Minimum of two (2) observation and feedback cycles during the school year (one (1) informal, one (1) formal)
  • Principals and Assistant Principals must be observed using the Administrative Growth Rubric
  • Based on assigned roles, Assistant Principals can be exempt from up to five (5) standards
  • Professional Growth Scores are due no later than June 30


For additional information contact:

Dr. Courtney Van Cleve, Bureau Director of Educator Effectiveness
MDE, Office of Teaching and Leading 601-359-3631