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College and Career Readiness

The Mississippi College and Career Readiness course (CCR) was developed to support the vision and mission of the Mississippi Department of Education that all students graduate from high school prepared for college, career, and active citizenship. The CCR course curriculum outlines the knowledge secondary students should obtain and the types of skills relevant for a successful transition to postsecondary and the workforce.

FAQs for the CCR Course

  1. Is there a CTE MSIS course code for the CCR course? No, only academic course codes are available.
  2. My district would like to participate as a pilot for 2020-2021, is there an application? Any high school may implement the CCR course in 2020-2021.  There is no pilot application.  Interested districts are encouraged to send the selected teacher, a counselor, and an administrator to the training.
  3. Is there a separate teacher endorsement for the CCR class? Any teacher with a valid 7-12 license may teach the CCR course.
  4. When is this class required for graduation? The CCR class is required for the graduating class of 2022.
  5. Will a student from the cohort class of 2018-2019 be required to take the CCR course for graduation if they are an early graduate in 2020-2021? No, 2018-2019 cohort students will not be required to take the CCR class if graduating in the 2020-2021 school year. The required CCR Carnegie unit may be replaced with an elective Carnegie unit in order to meet the required Carnegie 24 units of the Traditional diploma.

Please contact Heather Morrison ( with any additional questions.


Approved CCR Course Substitutions and Course Sequencing

The purpose of the College and Career Readiness Course is to provide planning and instruction for postsecondary transition.  The following courses are approved substitutions for the CCR course:

  1. Career and Technical Work Based Learning Course
  2. Dual Credit SmartStart
  3. JROTC III and IV 
  4. Advanced Placement Capstone: Completion of both AP Seminar and AP Research or equivalent International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Courses
  5. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior College and Career Readiness Seminar courses for Early College High Schools.

*Additional requests for substitution must be submitted to the Office of Secondary Education for review and approval.

 The CCR course may be taught in one of the following sequences:

  • Senior year only
  • Junior year only
  • 1 semester in either freshman or sophomore year with the remaining semester taught in junior or senior year
  • ¼ Carnegie Unit per year beginning with the freshman year 

Course Codes for College and Career Readiness Course

  • 110410 College and Career Readiness - The course is 1 full Carnegie unit; however, the course may be divided over two semesters.  
  • 110411 College and Career Readiness I - This course is for 9th graders ONLY. It will be a year- long course and students will receive 1⁄4 Carnegie Unit.
  • 110412 College and Career Readiness II - This course is for 10th graders ONLY. It will be a year- long course and students will receive 1⁄4 Carnegie Unit.
  • 110413 College and Career Readiness III - This course is for 11th graders ONLY. It will be a year- long course and students will receive 1⁄4 Carnegie Unit.
  • 110414 College and Career Readiness IV - This course is for 12th graders ONLY. It will be a year- long course and students will receive 1⁄4 Carnegie Unit.

Chapter 6: Financial Literacy


Heather Morrison

Director P20 Partnerships, Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning