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Schools of Innovation

Current Schools of Innovation
Mannsdale Upper Elementary School (Madison County School District)
Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
Mississippi School of the Arts
New Albany Middle School

Current Early College High School Programs
Golden Triangle ECHS 2015
Natchez ECHS 2016
River City ECHS 2016
Greenville ECHS 2018
Jackson Public Schools ECHS 2018

Current Middle College High School Programs
Kosciusko High School MCHSP
Harrison County Collegiate Academy MCHSP
George County Collegiate Academy MCHSP
Petal High School Bridge Program MCHSP
Hattiesburg High School MCHSP
Gulfport School District MCHSP
Laurel High School MCHSP
Oxford School District MCHSP
Tupelo Public School District MCHSP
Grenada School District MCHSP
Jackson Public School District MCHSP
Western Line School District Collegiate Academy



The mission of Schools of Innovation is to better prepare students for success in life and work by allowing districts flexibility in structure and implementation for requisite success.



Expand learning choices through innovation

  • Enhance learning for all students through innovative instruction
  • Implement rigorous standards
  • Reduce achievement gaps
  • Reduce student remediation post-graduation
  • Increase student engagement for all


Exemptions and Waivers

Districts of Innovation and Schools of Innovation can request exemptions from regulatory areas. Section 2 of the District of Innovation legislation allows for certain exemptions and waivers from standard requirements. This added flexibility offers easier implementation of innovative programs, provided the exemptions and waivers do not violate federal regulations and are approved by the State Board of Education. Note that state assessment requirements are not eligible for waivers. 

The list of standard waivers for ECHS can be found here.


Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Seminar Curriculums for Early College High Schools

Wendy Clemons

Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education

David Cress

Innovative Programs