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Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) Communication Toolkit

This toolkit includes resources to help school districts introduce the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) to parents and foster a dialogue between educators and parents about the value of annual assessments. While test scores are only one indicator of student learning, they provide valuable information regarding student performance that not only benefit individual students, but also help Mississippi identify achievement gaps in student performance so we can better support all of our students.

The MAAP Communications Toolkit includes:

Each of these resources is customizable and designed to provide additional information to parents about the value of annual assessments.These resources may be tailored to fit the needs of your district.

While these materials can help initiate a conversation with parents, it is important to remember that a handout cannot take the place of frequent, open lines of communication. Take advantage of school and local events as opportunities to engage with parents, answer questions, and explain why assessments are an important part of learning and preparing students for success beyond school.

Parents can learn more about MAAP at the MAAP Parent Resource page.