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Desmos Calculator Support

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What is Desmos?

Desmos is an online calculator created by Eli Luberoff. Desmos can be used online through your internet browser and selecting the Math Tools drop down to choose your calculator version. 

You can also download the Desmos App in Google Play for Android Devices, the Apple App Store for Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, and the Chrome Web Store for Chromebooks, all for FREE.


Benefits of Desmos?

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) holds the position that “It is essential that teachers and students have regular access to technologies that support and advance mathematical sense making, reasoning, problem solving, and communication. Effective teachers optimize the potential of technology to develop students' understanding, stimulate their interest, and increase their proficiency in mathematics. When teachers use technology strategically, they can provide greater access to mathematics for all students.” (NCTM, 2011)

Desmos provides teachers with an easily accessible technology that promotes inquiry-based learning to build mathematical understanding in students.(KNILT, 2016)

Desmos and MAAP – Starting with the 2020-2021 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) assessments, the Desmos graphing calculator (MAAP version) is now the embedded graphing calculator in the Nextera test delivery platform for End-of-Course (EOC) Algebra I. The Desmos graphing calculator (MAAP version) is also available on the online End-of-Course (EOC) Algebra I practice test.  As always, the use of any (online or handheld) graphing calculator is a student choice based on his or her classroom instruction. Students will continue to be allowed to use their handheld calculators provided the calculators meet the requirements outlined in the MAAP Calculator Policy.


Calculator Versions of Desmos


Teaching with Desmos Activities

  • Teacher Desmos - Create a FREE teacher account to find or create Desmos activities for your students to practice Mathematics content.
  • Algebra Nation Mississippi  -Activities created to use with the Algebra Nation platform.
  • Student Desmos -Free student access to teacher assigned activities.  Students can create free accounts to save work.
  • Gifmos Create Gifs of your Desmos lessons.  Start by making something dynamic and awesome in the Desmos graphing calculator! You can do that right inside of GIFsmos, or you can import one of your saved graphs from by pasting its URL into the expressions list in GIFsmos, and it will be automatically imported for you.
  • Desmos Distance Learning Algebra I Activity Collection -The activities in this collection are designed by Desmos for Algebra students and are especially useful in distance learning settings.


Desmos Professional Development