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Learning-at-Home Resources for Districts

The resources contained on this website contain materials and tools that may be used to provide additional resources to parents or students. This information is only intended to be a general summary of information provided to the public. The Mississippi Department of Education does not endorse or promote any commercial products or services. The views and opinion of authors expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the MDE, and they may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. Please make sure that you choose the tool(s), resource(s) or material(s) that are developmentally appropriate and best fit the needs of your students, school, or district.

Resources have been divided into the following categories:

Resources will be updated regularly. To have a resource considered for addition to these lists, please email

For a more extensive list of available resources, ISTE & EdSurge have curated a list of free products offered by companies and organizations to support learning during extended school closures. Search their directory to explore what products will best support your needs.

NOTE: Some websites and apps collect user data. It is imperative that you check with your district technology department before using apps or websites that require student accounts. For more information, visit FERPA and Virtual Learning during COVID-19 (Webinar Recording) and FERPA Virtual Guidance.




Internet Service

  • Internet Service Access Across the State
    Internet Service information compiled by the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Details internet services discounts or free access from service providers across the state.



Multiple Content Area Resources

  • ACT Academy and ACT Academy Spanish (Grades K -12th)
    A free, student-driven resource for personalized test practice for the ACT, Pre-ACT, Tessera, and Aspire. ACT Academy also offers a feature for teachers to understand their students’ mastery of Math, ELA and Science concepts.
  • Actively Learn by Achieve3000 (Grades 3rd – 12th)
    Free Trial - The Actively Learn teacher curriculum platform will be free for the remainder of the school year to help you meet the unique needs of distance learning. Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies with scaffolds and higher-order questions. Find what you teach and great texts & videos to pair with it. Or add anything you like. The site has helpful features such as: Text-to-Speech, Chunking, Annotation, and Discussion.
  • Albert (Grades 5th - 12th)
    Free Trial - The Albert Website has 90,000+ practice and assessment questions covering grades 5-12 for general curriculum in ELA, Math, and Science and test prep in AP®, SAT®, and ACT®. Schools and districts (Grades 5-12) experiencing closures due to COVID-19, who are not already Albert customers, receive free access while they deal with the impacts of the virus.  This offer includes full content access for all teachers and students via a trial license.
  • Advanced Placement (Grades 9th-12th)
    Free AP Review Classes - Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you: 
    • will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time
    • will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course
    • will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course
      To access the live classes and recordings, visit the AP YouTube channel. Advanced Placement daily updates and recordings may be accessed via:
  • BrainPOP  (Grades K-8th)
    Free during current school closures - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. The free access includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Francais and BrainPOP Español.  They have a collection of lesson plans, videos, printables, quizzes and other resources for remote learning.
  • CK-12 (Grades K – 12th)
    This open education resource is designed to keep students and teachers grounded in content.  Teachers can create a class or students can sign up for their own free account. Topics include math, science, English, social studies and other topics. The site offers translations in Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese, Greek and Polish. The lessons contain content reading on the chosen topic, interactive notebook activities, discussion and study questions and real-world exercises among other resources.  
  • CLSOnline (Grades K-12th)
    Free 8-week access to SmartLab Learning Curriculum which offers personalized, individualized project-based learning for K-12 students. The platform offers facilitator guides for each of the projects and offers printable PDFs. The site also offers free webinars and an 8-week scope-and-sequence plan to support teachers while navigating distance learning. 
  • Curriculum Associates (Grades K-8)
    Given the recent developments of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Curriculum Associates (CA) has prepared a host of materials for educators to offer online learning in English Language Arts and Mathematics. These CA materials are free to use for all, not just CA customers, and the intent is to help students continue learning during this challenging time. 
  • Discovery Education (Grades K – 12th)
    Over 180,000 assignable, editable activities and resources for K-12, based on core curriculum concepts and popular topics in math, science, social studies, ELA and health. Includes videos, interactive activities or complete ready-to-use lesson plans.
  • EBSCOhost Resources (Grades 6th - 12th)
    Visit the School and Public Libraries Resource Center for tools and information to help serve students and patrons. Free and expanded content includes the following: Distance Learning Resources and College Admissions Test Prep Resources from EBSCO LearningExpress. Free until June 30, 2020.
  • Edmentum  (Grades K – 12th)
    Study Island (K-12) provides standards-based practice, test prep and formative assessments.  They provide students with feedback to guide learning and educator’s information on which students need intervention as well as which students are ready to move on.  It offers a lesson, practice, game mode, printable worksheets and a groups session for each lesson. Subjects include ELA, math, science, and social studies.
    Edmemtum is offering an optional 2 free courses to educators in their EdOptions Academy.  
    Study Island for Home is free for one year for parents to enhance learning and help students catch up or stay ahead on academic topics which include math, reading, social studies and science.
    For our most up-to-date resources including best practices and webinars, please visit: We'll continuously be updating this page throughout the coming weeks and are committed to helping Mississippi schools navigate this uncertain time.
    Free digital resources are available to support remote learning across every school in Mississippi. EVERFI provides a catalog of digital learning resources focused on the skills needed for life--skills in social-emotional learning, health and wellness, financial capability, and career readiness--providing districts, schools and teachers with tools to bring meaningful remote learning to students. Our network of partners and sponsors fund access to these resources for schools across the state. An EVERFI representative is available to consult in your remote learning planning and strategize on how to best align the resources to supplement your instructional goals. While traditionally implemented through teachers directly to students, districts can also now request an option for parents to access EVERFI resources directly through their school. 

  • Freckle (Grades K - 8th)
    Freckle provides math, ELA, science and social studies assignments that can be assigned to students. Some of the social studies and science materials are classroom lesson plans. In math, lessons cover K- 8 content but some of the Algebra and Geometry assignments are certainly appropriate for students taking Algebra and Geometry. The lessons adapt to your students’ levels (they will take a short pre-test before they get started with a lesson). Sign up for a free teacher account; then create classes; then assign lessons by standard, by grade level, etc.
  • Great Minds (Grades K-12)
    Starting Wednesday, March 18, Great Minds is going to share—free to anyone—recorded daily lessons in Grades K–12 of Eureka Math, K–8 of Wit & Wisdom (ELA), and 3–5 of PhD Science. These lessons will be delivered by Great Minds’ own teachers and will be viewable on any device. Schools that have them should make every effort to send students home with their Eureka Math student books, PhD Science Module 4 logbooks, and Wit & Wisdom workbooks and core texts, if available. In addition, go here for access to the full K-12 Eureka Math program, free of charge.
  • iCurio by ACT (Grades K - 12th)
    Free classroom subscription (until 6/30/2020) providing access to more than 360,000 curated, vetted and maintained standards-aligned resources from the best open educational resource (OER) providers.
  • Infobase Online Resources (Grades 6th - 12th)
    Infobase is offering access to several online databases which includes: World News Digest, Ferguson’s Career Guidance, Today’s Science, The World Almanac for Kids, Access Video on Demand, and Just for Kids. Just for Kids will allow younger students to watch safe and curated videos as well as homework help. 
    Username: patrontrial | Password: trial
  • IXL Learning (Grades K – 12th) 
    Offering full access for free for all teachers to use for distance learning. IXL is a K-12 personalized learning platform with support in math, science, ELA, social studies, and Spanish. IXL is proven to improve learning outcomes for all students. IXL’s comprehensive K-12 curriculum, Real-Time Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and actionable Analytics work together seamlessly to give teachers everything they need to differentiate instruction and help students grow. We are offering all teachers free access at this link and support for distance learning with our at-home learning hub
  • Khan Academy (Grades K – 12th)   
    Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Khan Academy tackles math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. The math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. Khan has also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. 
  • LearningExpress Library (Grades K - 12th)
    LearningExpress Library provides support to K12 students for academic skill-building and standardized test prep. Students have access to digital study guides, flash cards, ebooks, and practice tests. LearningExpress Library covers mathematics, social studies, science, and English skills as well as ACT Prep and Advanced Placement. 
  • LearnZillion (Grades 3rd – 12th)
    Free Trial - LearnZillion is making our full video collection available until schools can operate safely. Once an account is created, teachers can share or assign resources to students as needed. To find more information on creating teacher and parent accounts go here. To find more information on creating student accounts go here.
    In addition, we've made the digital versions of the Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education, and Louisiana Guidebooks curricula available to parents and teachers. Please feel free to use these lesson plans with your students as well. If you should need assistance, please use the "Help" link in the upper right corner. If you still need assistance please contact us at
  • MAGNOLIA Databases (Grades K – 12th)
    MAGNOLIA Databases contains various K12 student resources to continue learning at home such as: Great Websites for Kids, DOGO News, NASA Kids, TweenTribune by Smithsonian, Science News for Kids, iCivics, and many more. Access Code: magn0897
  • Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) (Grades PreK – 12th)
    MPB PBS can be seen in every Mississippi household. The trusted educational programs are tied to online curriculum already created. A teacher can use this trusted content to build lessons to teach from a distance, or parents can use this content to facilitate conversation on relevant educational topics.
    PBS LearningMedia is a free resource to teachers and parents/caregivers. Some teachers have been using this resource in their classrooms already. It works well with Google docs platform and it’s easy to use. 
    Additionally, the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel airs on MPB stations across the state. These programs offer educational programming, from literacy to math to the arts to social/emotional content. Some of the programs are connected to lessons on the PBS LearningMedia website. For more information about this platform, please visit
    There is also PD on PBS LearningMedia for teachers, online at
  • MobyMax (Grades K – 8th)
    The MobyMax website is a subscription-based, individualized online learning platform that specializes in closing learning gaps.  Based on the Common Core and NGS Standards, MobyMax offers to find and fix learning gaps, pinpoint missing skills with structured formative assessments, and map learning progress. Teachers and Parents can create an account for free (add up to 200 students on one account) and experience all the tools for 30 days, to extend the free trial for an additional 30 days, follow the prompts given once your account is created.  
  • Scholastic Learn at Home  (Grades K – 6th)
    Day-to-Day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. Separated by grade level, each day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. For students in prekindergarten through second grade, activity directions are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) 
    SREB has convened education leaders to find ways to help one another across state boundaries and to anticipate solutions to the challenges ahead. A few quick items to share: 
  • Texas Instruments
    • FREE SOFTWARE for any PC or Mac: We are pleased to offer free, 6-month licenses of TI software to give students and teachers access to the full functionality of their calculators from any PC or Mac computer. This is available for the TI-Nspire CX, TI-84 Plus family, and the TI-30XS/TI-34 MultiViews.
    • FREE TI-Nspire iPad APP: We have also made our iPad app available at no cost (though April 2020).
    • FREE TI-84 Plus CE Chromebook APP:  We have deployed a beta version of the TI-84 Plus CE app, which is free until August 15th.
    • FREE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING: We will continue to offer weekly webinars and highlight on–demand recordings that support professional learning and a sense of community. 
    • Teachers and students can also view and subscribe to our TI YouTube channel for cool tutorials, playlists and on demand webinars. The playlists and on demand webinars include topics covering virtual learning, getting started with TI software, calculus, statistics, IB ® Math Curriculum, ACT ® and SAT ® Math Test Success, and more.
    • FREE VIRTUAL ACTIVITIES (Math, Science and STEM): Browse and download FREE, standards-aligned activities that help students develop conceptual understanding and are designed for the complete line of TI graphing calculators.
    • VIRTUAL TEACHING SUPPORT: We have a team focused full-time on supporting virtual learning. We are identifying existing resources and exploring new ways to help teachers and students navigate remote instruction. As always, our dedicated TI-CARES customer support team is available to answer questions.
    • ENRICHMENT RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS: Have fun with math at home with Made with Math Videos.Have fun with STEM at home with The Search for STEMnauts. Developed by NASA and Texas Instruments, The Search for STEMnauts activities challenge students to unravel brainteasers using the coding and STEM* principles that make space exploration possible. The challenges are organized in six categories, each containing questions and riddles of varying complexity with points awarded based on the degree of difficulty. Try something new during your “spring break” with 10 Minutes of Code.  
  • Walkabouts (Grades PreK – 2nd)
    Video lessons that students interact with as cartoon characters lead lessons in math and ELA. Many lessons available with the general log in but teachers can also sign up for a free trial to gain full access to all materials. To get started, teachers and students can log in at with the general usernames and passwords provided below for each grade level.
    The Pre-K username is PKfree
    The kindergarten username is Kfree.
    The first-grade username is 1Free.
    The second-grade username is 2Free.
    The password for all of these accounts is walkabouts.
  • World Book Online Resources (Grades PreK - 12th)
    Browse through PreK-12th grade learning resources that include ebooks, printables, quizzes, and scavenger hunts. World Book will launch Wizard, an adaptive learning resource for math, science, social studies, and language arts. 

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Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts) Resources

    The Kennedy Center's free digital learning platform for arts education. Our resources-- including lesson plans, guides, audio stories, video clips, etc.
  • Dance Teacher's Tool Kit
    There are three main sections to the site – teaching and learning resources, planning tools to support curriculum development
  • National Dance Education Organization
    NDEO provides professional development, networking forums, honor societies, journals, research and advocacy tools for teachers, administrators and students in the field of dance education centered in the arts.
    The Kennedy Center's free digital learning platform for arts education. Our resources-- including lesson plans, guides, audio stories, video clips, etc.
    Stories offer valuable resources for onstage, offstage, and backstage topics; again, use these materials to support your remote teaching.
  • Crayola
    Lesson Plans, Teaching & Learning Resources
  • Curriki
    Curriculum, lessons and on-demand content free, open, and accessible to all.
  • Getty
    Resources and lessons from the Getty, which is one of world’s largest arts organizations.
  • MOMA
    Resources from Museum of Modern Art for k12 teachers.
  • MetPublications
    Publications from the Metropolitan Museum of Art about art history online
  • Student Art Guide
    Articles written for students to assist in idea creation as well as techniques for creating art.

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English Language Arts Resources

  • Achieve3000 Literacy at Home Digital
    Free Trial - Achieve3000 Literacy at Home Digital provides access to engaging non-fiction articles at 3 reading levels. Topics range from science and social studies to current events. Each article is part of a lesson designed to nurture students’ critical thinking skills and check their understanding of the articles. Setting up an account is easy with self-rostering capabilities.
    • Achieve3000 Literacy Printable Packets in English and Spanish
      For students who do not have internet access at home, Achieve3000 has created leveled text sets including 20 printable articles with comprehension questions. Text packets add up to one month’s worth of content differentiated for students who are at-, below-, and above-grade-level readers. Lessons can be easily downloaded and sent home by email or printed out. Achieve3000 is offering daily webinars to assist educators with their remote learning needs. You can find more information and details here
  • Amplify Reading (Grades K-5th)
    Amplify Reading is a digital, adaptive, K–5 supplemental literacy program that provides remediation and enrichment for all students in building skills in decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and close reading through age-appropriate adventures. Amplify is happy to offer educators and students free access to a remote learning version of Amplify Reading for the remainder of the school year. Amplify is committed to helping you make instructional resources like Amplify Reading to students who may be unable to attend school, either currently or in the near future.
  • Brainspring   (Grades K - 12th)
    During these unprecedented times, Brainspring is committed to doing what we can to support teachers and student learning. Until the crisis has passed, teachers trained in Phonics First® and Structures® may make the following resources available online so long as the resources are protected by a login and only accessible by parents, students, and staff of their school or district: (1) Phonics First® and Structures® lesson instruction components recorded by a teacher trained by Brainspring and (2) PDFs of the following documents: Phonics First® and Structures® Curriculum Guides to share lesson pages for word and sentence dictation; Phonics First® and Structures® Syllabication books to share student worksheets (and answer keys if needed); and Phonics First® Stories Any Members Area documents. These resources will be available in our Members Area.
  • English Grammar 101 (Grades 6th -12th)
    Free Trial - Learn more about the English language and improve your writing with our online grammar lessons. Select from any of the modules to start an engaging and easy-to-follow exercise. Teachers can trial for 90 days free.
  • (Grades K - 6th)
    Free online Reading Comprehension Exercises and Quizzes. 
  • Epic! (Grades K - 6th)
    An expansive digital library for K-5 educators, featuring eBooks, quizzes, videos, and activities. The teacher dashboard allows teachers to assign books and quizzes to students and monitor their progress. (Teacher access is always free.) To keep kids reading and learning during a prolonged school closure, Epic is offering all our students free remote student access through the end of the school year (June 30).
  • Follett Lightbox (Grades PreK - 12th)
    Lightbox offers more than 1000 PreK-12th grade ebook titles in science, social studies, language arts, math, and more. AV2 World Languages features high-interest titles in 10 different languages with full audio support. 
  • Lalilo (Grades K - 2nd)
    A phonics and comprehension program that was built by teachers for teachers and their students. It supports student growth in the classroom and at home. Free trial available during school closures.
  • Learning A-Z (Grades K - 6th)
    Free Trial - Learning A-Z, Raz-Kids and Headsprout are offering leveled eBooks and eQuizzes for interactive reading practice and adaptive online reading instruction for the rest of the year. Teachers need to sign up for an account.  
  • LearningExpress Library (Grades K - 12th)
    LearningExpress Library provides support to K12 students for academic skill-building and standardized test prep. Students have access to digital study guides, flash cards, ebooks, and practice tests. LearningExpress Library covers mathematics, social studies, science, and English skills as well as ACT Prep and Advanced Placement. 
  • Lexile Tools to Support Reading (Grade K - 12th)
    Lexile measures provide a scientific approach for matching students with ability-appropriate text and audio resources. Lexile measures help differentiate instruction and monitor growth in reading and listening, putting students on the path to success in school, college and careers. 
  • Literacy Design Collaborative (Grades K - 12th) 
    LDC is a national community of educators which provides literacy-rich assignments and courses (organized by collection) across content areas.
  • MackinVIA (Grades K - 12th)
    MackinVIA is offering more than 10,000 free ebooks for K12 students. If your school does not have a MackinVIA account, now is the time to secure this free, multi-faceted, online education system. Using MackinVIA as an “at home” online learning center will help you keep your students on track and engaged. MackinVIA is easily accessed and can be integrated with your school’s SIS or LMS system. This offer goes through September 30, 2020. 
    Mississippi Distance Learning Primary 
    Mississippi Distance Learning Secondary 
  • MAGNOLIA Databases (Grades K - 12th)
    MAGNOLIA Databases contains various K12 student resources to continue learning at home such as: Great Websites for Kids, DOGO News, NASA Kids, TweenTribune by Smithsonian, Science News for Kids, iCivics, and many more. Access Code: magn0897
  • National Council of Teachers of English (Grades K- 12th)
    Online learning and instruction offer their own particular benefits and challenges at any time—here we suggest some resources and activities that may help those suddenly faced with teaching online. This source includes books, blog posts, journal articles, as well as many other resources and activities.
  • New York Times Learning Network (Grades 4th - 12th)
    Articles and questions, writing prompts and lesson plans that coordinate with The New York Times Learning Network for teens. Sample lessons include: When School Gets Real: Teachers Connect Classroom Lessons to Current Events, Ten Ways to Teach Argument Writing, and more.
  • Newsela (Grades 3rd - 12th)
    Free trial - Nonfiction texts and current events at different reading levels. Many include comprehension activities.
  • NoRedInk (Grades 3rd - 12th)
    Free Trial Premium Access - NoRedInk offers grammar instruction and writing practice for 3rd-12th grade. We’ve always provided free access to a portion of NoRedInk, and we’re expanding our free offering today in light of COVID-19. Here's what you can count on from us for the rest of the school year: (1) Hundreds of free practice topics that allow your students to work independently toward mastery on a host of important writing, language, and critical thinking skills; (2) Free access to our entire Premium Guided Drafts suite, which scaffolds the writing process for students as they craft their essays; (3) Free access to NoRedInk's Quick Writes, a lightweight, low-friction way to get students writing regularly across the curriculum; and (4) Free access to NoRedInk’s Premium progress tracking, allowing you to assign curriculum and track student growth by state and national standards. 
  • Read Alouds:
    • Children’s Authors Reading Books Aloud (Grades K - 6th)
      This site offers a list of links to children’s authors reading their books aloud. Some also offer teacher supports for the books. 
    • Virtual Read Alouds (Grades K - 6th)
      This list is a collection of children’s authors reading and talking about their books. The list includes links to the readings/activities and dates and times.  
    • Storyline Online (Grades K - 4th)
      This site from the Screen Actors Guild offers a variety of picture book readings by famous actors.  
  • Read Write Think  (Grade K - 12th)
    Sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English, ReadWriteThink provides educators with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.
    Sample Lessons: Color Poems-Using the Five Sense to Guide Pre-Writing, Teaching About Story Structure Using Fairy Tales, A Blast From the Past With Nuclear Chemistry and more. 
  • (Grades PreK - 12th)
    This website offers free resources to keep students engaged with reading by supporting growth in background knowledge and vocabulary and effective and engaged reading practice.  It offers the ability to create digital classes, print any content on the site, or project the resources through a remote meeting.  Materials include an article a day, a student library, and sets of text dependent questions.
  • SERP- Literacy for Secondary Students (Grades 6th - 12th)
    Word Generation emphasizes 21st century learning goals, such as using academic language, developing an argument, reasoning analytically, reading to find evidence, reviewing data, discussing various perspectives, engaging in debate, and expressing well-reasoned positions in writing.
  • Quill (Grades 1st - 12th)
    Quill provides free writing and grammar activities for elementary, middle, and high school students. To get started, we provide diagnostic assessments so that you can see which skills your students should practice and then with one click, you can assign those practice activities. Limited time free access to Quill Premium features.

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Mathematics Resources

  • Algebra Nation (Grades 6 – 12th)
    As districts are facing difficult decisions due to closing schools, Algebra Nation and Study Edge (co-creator of Algebra Nation), in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education, are here to lessen the burden around distance learning plans. As a reminder, we offer free, digital access to our 6th-8th Grade Math, MSCCR Algebra 1, MSCCR Geometry, and Algebra 2 courses as well as SAT preparation materials to all school districts in Mississippi via funding from the Mississippi Legislature. We still have a limited supply of free Algebra 1 workbooks as well. 
    • Study Edge: Study Edge offers short concept videos, study guides, and practice problems for the following courses: Chemistry, Physics, Precalculus, Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, and AP US Government and Politics. Study Edge videos are primarily meant to be a supplement to instruction but are a great resource for distance learning during this time. To gain free access to the Study Edge resources through the end of the school year, email
    • GoBoard: An online tutoring platform developed by Study Edge, which combines video conferencing with an interactive drawing canvas, is available free of charge, as always. It is available on computers with Chrome or Firefox, or on our free iPad App. GoBoard has become the tutoring platform of choice for over 200 colleges, universities, and collegiate athletic associations since its launch in 2016. 
    • Any districts not currently using Algebra Nation should email with their curriculum and technology directors’ contact information to set up free access for teachers and students. 
  • DreamBox (Grades K - 8th, Algebra) 
    The Dreambox website is a subscription-based website that is offering a 90-day free trial during COVID-19.  It has over 2,000 Math lessons, designed by teachers for grades K-8. Gaining Access:  Before registering for a personal account, check with your school to see if there is a school account already set-up and simply request your student’s login information.  
  • Next Gen Personal Finance (Grades 9th – 12th)
    Free lessons, interactives, assessments and other resources for engaging students with quality personal finance curriculum. We wanted to highlight some resources to support you based on your specific use case:
  • Quantile Tools to Support Math (Grades K - 12th)
    Quantile measures provide a scientific approach for matching students with ability-appropriate resources. Quantile measures help differentiate instruction and monitor growth in mathematics, putting students on the path to success in school, college and career.
  • SERP- Algebra & Math by Example (Grades 6th – 8th)
    Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in math and then work on similar problems on their own.   
  • SERP- Math Posters (Grades 6th – 7th)
    Students work on complex, open-ended problems that encourage creating and comparing multiple representations.
  • Zearn K-5 Mathematics (Grades K – 5th)
    Zearn has made its entire curriculum, including 400 hours of digital lessons with on-screen teachers and supportive remediation, available for free. To access these materials, go to the Distance Learning Resource Center for: (1) Quick-start instructions for using Zearn Math programmatically as part of a distance learning plan ; (2)Parent/caregiver packs to send home to quickly orient to Zearn Math (in English and Spanish, more languages coming); and (3) Daily webinars for administrators, teachers, and parents to walk through quick-start instructions and parent/caregiver packs. Each webinar will offer ‘office hours’ with time for questions with our team.

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Science Resources

  • The Concord Consortium STEM Resource Finder  (Grades K - 12th)
    The Concord Consortium STEM Resource Finders embraces the next generation of STEM scholars with thought provoking and engaging activities in the areas of physics, chemistry, engineering, coding, biology, earth science, space science, and math.  Activities can be filtered to address specific grade level content. These experiences are fully aligned to the core disciplines of STEM, science and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts that serve as the foundation to Next Generation Science Standards and the  Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards for Science.
  • Earth and Space Science Online with WGBH and PBS LearningMedia (Grades K - 12th)
    Looking for learning resources to assign or suggest to students working from home? Our Bringing the Universe to America's classrooms collection is filled with free, high-quality, standards-aligned engaging Earth and Space resources, created in collaboration with NASA and other partners, all available on PBS LearningMedia.
  • HHMI Biointeractive (Grades 9th - 12th)
    The HHMI Biointeractive site is designed to engage the high school life science student in in-depth and relevant activities that closely follow issues that scientist across the globe are currently researching and solutions to biological concerns that are in practice today.  This site can also serve teachers by providing them with tools and resources aim to peak student interest in the biological world around them and abroad.
  • MysteryScience (Grades K - 5th) 
    This website includes a series of free K-5 mini science lessons, many of which are easy to do from home. Other content must be purchased. 
  • National Science Digital Library (Grades K - 12th)
    The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is a partner supported site that provides teachers and students with resources such as games, lesson plans, interactive activities, case studies, lab simulations, and lesson plans to name a few.  The NSDL is an Open Education Resource (OER) and is supported by a diverse partnership of STEM professionals and enthusiasts.  
  • OpenSciEd (Grades 6th - 8th)
    OpenSciEd provides free access to grades 6-8 OpenSciEd Science Units.
  • PhET (Grades 4th - 12th)
    PhET is a free science and math simulation tool with simulations covering various topics and concepts in physics, chemistry, math, earth science, and biology. Simulations often have notes that explain the concepts and thinking that are displayed in the activity.
  • SERP- Science Generation (Grades 6th - 8th)
    SciGen covers a variety of science topics, including cells, energy, environment, matter, and more. The “dashboard” is full of interactive media.
  • Story Time from Space (Grades 1st - 6th)
    This is a project from the Global Space Foundations where astronauts on the International Space Station read stories from outer space. The site also includes other science books and videos to encourage scientific interest in young science minded children.  While the books may be of more interest to younger readers, the experiments will be of interest to older students as well. 

  • Twig Science (Grades K - 5th)
    The Twig Science Reporter website has useful science-based material for any elementary science class. Teachers can browse videos, photos, text, or activity resources that match upcoming lessons. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Twig Science Next Gen has set up a special site to offer support and resources that can be used for remote learning in the event of school closures. They are also giving away free access to Twig Science Tools, the award-winning supplemental resource site with 3000+ 3-D videos, visuals, and activities. There is a specially created fun song video that encourages kids to wash their hands to keep infections at bay.

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Social Studies Resources

  • Econ Lowdown
    A free platform with online courses and videos for K-12 and college classrooms. Educators can create online classrooms; build a syllabus using Federal Reserve Bank resources; quickly choose resources to drop into your classroom syllabus; and monitor student progress.
  • iCivics  (Grades 6-12)
    iCivics offers free game-based learning for middle and high school social studies curricula. When you create a new class, you receive a unique code to distribute to students. Each class has Assignments, Announcements, and Discussions areas, and you can easily add new content or create polls. You can print out a detailed report of how students are doing on games. You also can access prepared material from the iCivics curriculum, including lesson plans (with step-by-step teaching instructions and handouts), games, and Web quests. 
  • SERP- Social Studies Generation (Grades 6-8th)
    Social Studies Generation (SoGen) is comprised of three six-week sequences around topics commonly included in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies content standards. These curricular materials can be used in place of the standard curriculum materials, or as a supplement. They provide opportunities to read, write, discuss, and build arguments about central concepts in social studies.
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab
    Because of its flexible design, teachers can use the Smithsonian Learning Lab in many ways. At its most basic level, teachers can create collections aligned with their classroom content. The collections could be projected for full-class discussion or viewed by individual students. Teachers and students can share collections with embed codes, on social media, or with a link.
  • Teaching History – The National History Education Clearinghouse (Grades K-12)
    Funded by the U.S. Department of Education,  is designed to help K–12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom. It is funded through the Office of Innovation and Improvement’s Teaching American History (TAH) program, builds on and disseminates the valuable lessons learned by more than 1,000 TAH projects designed to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge and understanding of traditional U.S. history. 

  • Teaching Social Equality and Tolerance  (Grades K -12)
    Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Educators use our materials to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create civil and inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued and welcome participants.

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World Language Resources

  • AATSP Classroom Resources - Websites of Interest
    This site from the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) provides the URLs for more than 400 websites that are useful for teachers of world languages. The AATSP provides a review of each of the websites listed, which include sites with online newspapers, magazines, radio programs, podcasts, ebooks, songs, films, stories, cartoons, and virtual museum visits. 
  • Advanced Placement
    A one-page overview of how AP teachers can use the free, daily online practice and videos in AP Classroom to check student understanding of each topic and skill in the AP course and ensure that students are well prepared for exam day.
  • A Language Practice Choice Board
    The activities included in this choice board were created by Leslie Grahn to be intentionally generic and non-language specific so that the ideas might be practical for students of multiple languages. They are ready to use resources without the need of teacher preparation or paid subscriptions. Choice boards allow students to select activities that interest them and those that they have the resources to complete.  You can download the document in Microsoft Word and edit it to customize the activities for your students.
  • International Children’s Digital Library
    This site offers access to the best of children’s literature from around the world. The books are offered in multiple languages. There are activities and teacher training manuals to go with the books.
  • Open Culture Language Textbooks - Chinese, Classics (Latin), French, German, Hindi, Korean, Spanish 
    Open Culture has a list of textbooks and online resource links in many subjects, including languages [Chinese, Classics (Latin), French, German, Hindi, Korean, Spanish] 
  • Open Culture Language Lessons - Multilingual 
    Open Culture has a curated list of online resources (digital textbooks, iTunes, YouTube channels, websites, etc.) for 48 languages, including more and less commonly taught languages.
  • LibriVox
    Free and downloadable audio books in multiple languages. Teachers should review materials to select readings that relate specific standards.  
  • Unite for Literacy 
    This site offers free books for children to read along with in English or other languages. The English versions are also offered with narration in English and translations in many languages.
  • ASL Kids’ Stories
    This site from the Sign Language Channel offers readings of a variety of children’s books in American Sign Language.
    This site offers tutorials on ASL and Deaf Culture, phrases, vocabulary, ASL for Kids, finger writing, ASL writing and other resources.  
  • Little Fox Chinese 
    Stories and songs for learners
  • PandaTree
    This site offers free resources for teachers and parents for levels ranging from novice to intermediate-low. The site offers a range of language learning materials including videos, songs, stories, and cultural information.  

  • The Language Playground
    This site offers free printable activities for students to use to practice reading and understanding Chinese.  

  • 1jour1actu 
    French language articles and short animated videos addressing current events world-wide, sports, health, science, arts, and more.
  • AATF Web-based Activities for French
    The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) has created these webinars to support French teachers through school closures. 
  • Collaborative list of French resources
    A list of french podcasts and other websites for children.
  • Free Digital Books and Online Reading for French
    A compilation of French books and online reading materials from Blogger Larissa Aradj, Mrs. Geek Chic - Ed Tech du jour from a nerdy French Teacher, including EBook Kids in French, Jeunes Banq, Je Lis Online Audio Readers, Il etait une histoire, EDU365, Scholastic, Children's Books Forever, etc.
  • French Children's Stories 
    Some well-known children's stories translated into French and spoken by a native French speaker.  Read along in French or English.
  • Khan AcademyFrancophone
    Khan Academy offers academic support through video lesson for multiple topics in mathematics, science, computer science and economics in French
  • Les fondamentaux de mathématiques 
    Math games and activities in French that can provide reinforcement for concepts students have already learned.
  • ThoughtCo.
    Resources for French teachers which include French language worksheets, games, exercises and other resources to teach inside and outside the classroom.
  • AATG Resources for online teaching
    This is a list of resources compiled by the AATG
  • German Language Workshop 
    This site offers multiple resources for teachers of German including books, lessons, online picture dictionaries, conversation topics, and other resources.
  • Schubert Verlag 
    This site contains a large collection of free and printable worksheets for all levels of German learners.

  • Greek Grammar Exercises
    Free printable PDFs of exercises for all the word classes for beginning through advanced students.  Directions are written in Greek and English.  Answers are also provided with the PDFs. 
  • Open Greek & Latin Project
    The Open Greek & Latin project is an international collaboration committed to creating an open educational resource featuring a corpus of digital texts, deep-reading tools, and open-source software.
  • The Latin Library 
    A collection of lesson reviews, handouts, and worksheets for Latin language learning.  
    This website offers opportunities to learn Portuguese phrases, grammar, and vocabulary with free audio recordings to support accurate pronunciation.  
    Learn Japanese with This site has from the most beginning Japanese to the most advanced.
  • Common Lit Espanol
    Free digital library with over 470 short stories, poems, biographies, STEM articles, and more (all with standards-aligned comprehension questions) in Spanish
  • Cuentos infantiles 
    This collection of stories and readings support family reading time and discussion about books and ideas. The site offers a variety of genres as well as activities for families.
  • Discover Para Escuchar en Español
    This site offers many audible books for children to listen to in Spanish. Supports building of vocabulary and listening skills in Spanish.
  • Newsela
    Nonfiction reading about current events and more. Offering free subscription for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year. All articles are in English where you can alter the reading level up/down for students and some articles are available in Spanish. 
  • SUNY-Albany Free Online Latin American and Spanish Videos
    This guide from the library at SUNY's University at Albany brings together a selection of web resources that provide access to freely available videos, representing the great variety and diversity of Latin American and Spanish video production.
  • The Spanish Experiment 
    Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Read along in Spanish or English. 

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Counselor Resources

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
    American Psychological Association’s mission is to promote the advancement, communication, and application of psychological science and knowledge to benefit society and improve lives.
    Identifying signs of stress in your children and teens 
  • American School Counselor Association (ASCA)
    The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) supports school counselors’ efforts to help students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development so they achieve success in school and be prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.
    ASCA Update: COVID-19
    COVID-19 Resources for School Counselors 
  • Career One Stop
    Career One Stop is a source for career exploration, training and jobs. Students are able to complete interest inventories, research certain careers, or learn more about the military.
  • Center on Positive Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
    One of the key principles of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to focus on building prosocial skills, not simply attempting to eliminate challenging or problem behavior. Center on PBIS encourages all schools to continue that focus, as well as other key principles of PBIS, as you address COVID-19 pandemic.
    Responding to the Novel Coronavirus (COPID-19) Outbreak through PBIS
  • Counselor Keri
    Counselor Keri is a mental health counselor turned school counselor and curriculum writer hoping to spark social, emotional, and academic growth. Resources and written entries will help parents best explain, talk, and understand what their children are facing with COVID-19.
    Coronavirus Information for Kids
    Helping Kids who are Worried About Corona Virus
    Understanding Worry and Promoting Mindfulness 
  • Get2College
    A program of the Woodward Hines Education Foundation, Get2College specializes in college planning and financial aid in Mississippi. We serve any student seeking a post-secondary education, with a special focus on students who have been traditionally underrepresented in college. 
    COVID-19 Response and Resources 

  • InnerView
    A no-cost resource for high schools and high school students who invest time in community service. School leaders can manage school-wide or group programs, post volunteer opportunities and events (including current needs for virtual peer tutors) and access reports and insights for overall school impact. Students access InnerView via their phone or computer and the system automatically builds a digital Service Resume based on their inputs. The Service Resume can help the student stand out when applying for jobs, scholarships, and college. Students are also eligible to earn a National Community Service Award; the deadline to qualify is April 15, 2020. This handout has all of the details for students. Interested in learning more? Email:

  • Kids Health
    Kids Health is a nonprofit children’s health system that aims to give families the tools and confidence to make the best health choices.
    Teens Talk About Stress (Video)
    Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to Talk to Your Child
    Coronavirus (COVID-19): Preventing the Spread
    Coronavirus: What Kids Can Do 
  • LearningExpress Library (Grades K - 12th)
    LearningExpress Library provides support to K12 students for academic skill-building and standardized test prep. Students have access to digital study guides, flash cards, ebooks, and practice tests. LearningExpress Library covers mathematics, social studies, science, and English skills as well as ACT Prep and Advanced Placement. 
  • MS Works Magazine
    MS Works Magazine connects you with everything you need to know to find a great career and a great future in Mississippi. Visit this site to explore the MS Works Magazine and utilize helpful career development tools. 
  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
    As the world’s largest organization for school psychologists, NASP works to advance effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health. NASP’s vision is that all children and youth thrive in school, at home, and throughout life. 
  • The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
    SEL is how children and adults learn to understand and manage emotions, set goals, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. CASEL provides free educational resources, guides, webpages, lesson plans and much more for parents, educators & caregivers.
    CASEL provides resources, talking points, and lesson plans when talking to students about the Coronavirus.
  • The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE)
    The Mississippi Department of Education offers online tools and resources to help support counselors and students regarding college and career readiness, including K-12 Pacing Guides, K-12 Career Lessons, Guidance on Individual Success Plans, and Mississippi Career Development Resource Document.
  • The National Career Development Association (NCDA)
    The National Career Development Association (NCDA) provides professional development, publications, standards, and advocacy to educators who inspire and empower students to achieve their career and life goals. Resources include self-assessments, general occupation information, employment trends, and job searches.
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)
    The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) was created by Congress in 2000 as part of the Children’s Health Act to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for children and families who experience or witness traumatic events. This resource will help parents and caregivers think about how an infectious disease outbreak might affect their family— both physically and emotionally—and what they can do to help their family cope. 
    Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • The Skills Foundation of Mississippi
    A non-profit focused on increasing the skilled workforce in our state. We partner with private industry, communities, and state leaders for true public/private partnerships to grow the pipeline of skilled workers for the next generation of Mississippians. Below is a list of the tools at the disposal of MS educators and how to access them:
    • Get On The Grid MS’s Virtual Guidance Counselor - High demand careers broken down by the 5 priority sectors ID’s by MS workforce leaders.
    • Get Local: More detailed version of Get on the Grid, broken down by workforce region. The content on this site was developed by local workforce leaders to ensure the content is specific to regional needs.
    • Virtual Classroom Experience: This is a module crafted for utilization by educators with a captive audience. It walks a student through a series of basic career questions, then shows them a video explaining how to use Get on the Grid  to explore careers. After a period of exploration it asks a series of post questions to gauge the process’ impact.
    • Educator Resources: A set of resources developed by a Mississippi teacher to be used in conjunction with Get on the Grid. Resources include both middle school & high school lesson plans, a budget worksheet to help students think through financial needs, and career exploration worksheets.

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English Learner Resources

  • ASL Kids’ Stories (Grades PreK - 6th)
    This site from the Sign Language Channel offers readings of a variety of children’s books in American Sign Language.  

  • BrainPOP ELL (Grades K - 12th)
    BrainPOP is providing free online access during current school closures.  Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology The free access includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Francais and BrainPOP Español.  Teachers can create a free account for their entire school rather than have different accounts for different teachers.  They have a collection of lesson plans, videos, printables, quizzes and other resources for remote learning. 

  • CommonLit (Grades 3rd - 12th)
    This site offers over 2,000 free reading and writing lessons. The lessons are available digitally and many are also available to download and print. Passages and information are available in English and in Spanish.  

  • Cuentos infantiles (Grades K - 3rd)
    This collection of stories and readings support family reading time and discussion about books and ideas.  The site offers a variety of genres as well as activities for families.  

  • Discover Para Escuchar en Español (Grades PreK - 6th)
    This site offers many free audible books for children to listen to in Spanish.  Supports building of vocabulary and listening skills in Spanish.

  • Great! (Grades PreK - 5th)
    This site offers free printable worksheets for grades PreK-5.  The site is available in English and in Spanish.  Worksheets are in English.  

  • International Children’s Digital Library (Grades K - 6th) 
    This site offers access to the best of children’s literature from around the world.  The books are offered in multiple languages. There are activities and teacher training manuals to go with the books.  

  • i-Ready Materials (Grades K - 8th)
    Curriculum Associates has free printable at-home activity packs to support students during school closures. They have information in English and in Spanish for parents.

  • ISL Collective (Grades K - 12th)
    This site offers a daily video lesson, grammar activities and movie clips with comprehension questions.  It also contains free, printable worksheets.  

  • Khan AcademyFrancophone (Grades 7th - 12th)
    Khan Academy offers academic support through video lesson for multiple topics in mathematics, science, computer science and economics in French

  • Migrant Literacy NET (MLN) (Grades K - 12th)
    This site offers a variety of diagnostic and practice activities in ELA and math for migrant and other students. Teachers can set up an account and add students to their roster. The student diagnostic assessments and tutorials can be assigned based upon individual student needs. 

  • Newsela (Grades 2nd - 12th)
    Nonfiction reading about current events and more. Offering free subscription for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year. All articles are in English where you can alter the reading level up/down for students and some articles are available in Spanish. 

  • Paco el Chato Libros en Línea (Grades 1st - 12th)
    This site offers Spanish language books with embedded discussion questions about the text. 

  • The Spanish Experiment (Grades PreK - 3rd)
    Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Read along in Spanish or English to improve word recognition, fluency, and pronunciation.  

  • Unite for Literacy (Grades K - 3rd)
    This site offers free books for children to read along with in English or other languages.  The English versions are also offered with narration in English and translations in many languages.   

  • Voice of America (VOA) Learning English (Grades K - 12th)
    Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. They offer videos to supports language learning at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

    • Beginning Level Let's Learn English - Level 1 and Level 2 programs are designed for beginning English learners by certified American English teachers. Ask a Teacher is a new program where learners can ask questions and teachers answer them. News Words is a short video explaining a word or term used in news stories.

    • Intermediate Level - Some language teaching methods are dull and disconnected from real life. People soon forget what they learn or focus on words and phrases without context. Learners absorb American English through content drawn from U.S. and world news, Health and Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, and other topics. Learners can build vocabulary, strengthen speaking skills and improve the ability to communicate for work, school and everyday life. Audio programs and captioned videos - English in A Minute, English @ the Movies, Everyday Grammar TV and Learning English TV - are written using vocabulary at the upper-beginner and intermediate level. The programs are read one-third slower than normal English speed. Online texts, MP3s and podcasts let people read, listen and learn American English and much more.

    • Advanced Level - Advanced English learners can read classic literature with American Stories, learn idioms and expressions with Words and Their Stories, study with Everyday Grammar, and follow innovations and trends in Education in the U.S. and around the world. Let's Teach English and News Literacy are free online training programs for advanced learners and English teachers.

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Virtual Learning Resources

  • FERPA and Virtual Learning
    As increasing numbers of students and educators move to virtual learning during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19, join representatives from the U.S. Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office (SPPO) for a webinar to review Frequently Asked Questions on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and implications for distance learning due to school closures.
  • CEEDAR's Virtual Toolkit: Easing Faculty Transition to Online Instruction
    Many fantastic resources are being made available to ease the transition from in-person to online courses. We’ve put together a toolkit to facilitate access to content for instruction and engagement. It includes free online modules on dozens of topics, tips for strengthening online engagement, and many other resources, including how to take advantage of a free CEC membership until May 31. We will add resources to this toolkit as they become available.

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