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School Financial Services FAQ

Financial Exchange Transaction System (FETS)

When I try to enter my bonded indebtedness in MSIS it will not let me save it.

Do not change the year when you first access the form.  The year will automatically change to the correct year when you go to the second page.

I can’t get to the second tab of Bonded Indebtedness.

Put a “0” on the first tab. 

I am unable to send my data and can’t view my results.

Check your pop-up blocker or have someone check it for you.

Can I have a school “000”?

No, contact your vendor to correct school “000”.

I have an error that says "File...has already been run successfully". Seems like something needs to be reset?

The same file was submitted twice.  In order for this to be removed, the district will have to re-submit a different file.

Are these warnings on the “MSIS FETS Data Transaction Results” page ok or do I need to do something to fix them?

It is very important to compare your fund balance report from your accounting software to the fund balance report from within FETS. If they match exactly, you can ignore the warnings on the “MSIS FETS Data Transaction Results” page that say “Fund XXXX has deficit”. These false warnings will not keep you from having a “Success” on your submission.