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Application Support


Applications received the week of November 10, 2020

Please note that we are experiencing an enormous increase in the number of application requests received. This has caused an increase in the application processing time. To help us in our efforts to  process your application more efficiently, we ask that you please allow at least three to five weeks of processing time before contacting the Division of Educator Licensure to inquire about the status. You may also continue to visit your ELMS account to review the status. As always, we value and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Educator Licensure Management System Enhancement Webinars


Contact Us

Licensure Call Center Alert: Starting June 15, 2020, the Educator Licensure Call Center will be open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. To reach a licensure team member, call 601-359-3483. Due to the anticipated high volume of calls, we encourage you to continue to visit the Educator Licensure section of and before calling the office or emailing questions to the email address. Answers to most questions we receive are addressed on those webpages.

A tool you can use to stay updated on your licensure request is this Application Support landing page. This page shows which week the Division of Educator Licensure is currently processing. This page is updated regularly. If the request that you submitted is after the date shown, it is likely that the team has not gotten to your application yet and may need more time.


Call: 601-359-3483
Call Center Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am- 4:00pm CST

When calling the Division of Educator Licensure to speak with a member of the Licensure Team, please note that the average hold time is between four (4) to seven (7) minutes. Please do not hold the line for longer than ten (10) minutes. Instead email and request a call back, or try your call again later.
To check the status of your application, log into your ELMS account.


Document Submission

Documentation submitted through the teacher support email inbox shall not be accepted for review. Supporting documentation can be submitted to the Division of Educator Licensure by postal mail or online through your ELMS account located in the Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS). Please note: Test Score Reports and official transcripts uploaded to your ELMS account shall not be accepted.

There are currently only two organizations approved for electronic submission of transcripts to the Mississippi Department of Education Division of Educator Licensure and those organizations are as follows: Credential E-Script Safe and National Student Clearinghouse. Your college/university must be a user of the electronic transcript transmission service offered by one of the two companies in order for the transcripts to be received as an official document. If your college/university utilizes the services of one of the two organizations mentioned above, you will find the Mississippi Department of Education listed in the drop-down menu as a recipient.


Customer Service Survey

Please complete the Customer Service Feedback Survey to provide us with information regarding your experience with the Division of Educator Licensure. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!