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October 17, 2014 Agenda

Print version located at bottom of page


Mississippi Board of Education
October 17, 2014
8:30 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


I.       Call to order

II.       Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Invocation

III.       Approval of Minutes of September 18-19, 2014

IV.       Additions or deletions –

           Approval of agenda


V.        Report of the Chair 

VI.       Approval of Action Items
           (Items below are numbered to correspond to the items as discussed on Thursday, October 16, 2014.)


  1. Approval of a final rule to revise the business rules of the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System to include the             process of evaluation and reporting for districts and schools participating in the Excellence for All program for                         school year 2013-2014
    (Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with/with no public comments)
     (Office of Chief School Performance Officer)
  2.  Approval of action of the Commission on School Accreditation concerning the assignment of district accreditation                   statuses
    (Office of Chief School Performance Officer) 
  3.  Approval of the 2014 Accountability Results
    (Office of Chief School Performance Officer)
  4. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedures Act process:  To establish the accreditation audit procedures that               may lead to the declaration of a State of Emergency in accordance with Sections 37-17-6 (12)(a) and 37-17-6 (12)               (b) of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended 
     (Office of Chief School Performance Officer) 
  5. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedures Act process:  To revise Accreditation Policy 2.9.2, Penalty for the                Withdrawal of Accreditation, of the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards, 2014
     (Office of Chief School Performance Officer)
  6. [PULLED]
  7.  Approval to award competitive grants for the Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services in Schools                             (MCOPS) grant program
    (Office of Chief School Performance Officer) 
  8. [PULLED]
  9. [PULLED]
  10.  Approval to contract with University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. (KUCR) on behalf of Center for Educational            Testing and Evaluation (CETE) to administer Online Alternate Assessments for English Language Arts, Mathematics            and Science for grades 3-12
     (Office of Chief Academic Officer) 
  11. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedure Act process:  To establish CTE endorsement codes for Television                 Broadcasting and Production and Cosmetology
     (Office of Chief Academic Officer) 
  12. Approval to modify contract with Jill Dent to support state and local early childhood education efforts
    (Office of Chief Academic Officer) 
    Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of monthly contracts with former State Employees receiving retirement benefits
      (Office of Chief Operations Officer) 

VII.      Recognition Ceremony 

            Outstanding High Schools in Mississippi

            Oxford High School
            Mr. Michael Martin, Principal
            Mr. Brian Harvey, Superintendent 

            Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
            Dr. Germain McConnell, Executive Director 

            2014 October Employee of the Month
            Margaret Thompson
            Office of Compulsory School Attendance
            School Attendance Officer 

VIII.     State Board of Education
           01.   Report on meeting attended
           02.   Approval of attendance at meetings 

IX.       Other Business

X.       Adjournment

If you need accommodations due to a disability, contact our office at 601-359-1750.
NOTE:     Cellular telephones and pagers that give an audible signal are not permitted during Board meeting.

October Agenda (Print Version)
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