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Mississippi SOARS (Mississippi - Schools Obtaining Academic Results for Success) is a web-based system that allows schools and districts to organize their school improvement efforts by meeting indicators of effective practice through a continuous cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, and progress tracking where focus is clear, responsibilities assigned, and efforts synchronized. Indicators of Effective Practice are aligned with research-based strategies from resources such as Wise Ways, Handbook on Effective Implementation of School Improvement Grants, Turnaround Competencies, Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement and What Works Clearinghouse (

All Identified schools (CSI, TSI, ATSI, SAR, and SIG) are required to utilize this system.

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Presentations and Webinars

October 10, 2018

Guidance for Developing 2018-19 School Improvement Plans

This webinar outlined the process and procedures for developing a school’s plan.

Utilizing MS SOARS as a Tool for Improving Student Outcomes (PowerPoint) and (Webinar)


October 26, 2018

MS SOARS Deeper Dive

This webinar guides school and district teams of identified schools through an examination of how the indicators of effective practice can be utilized to guide planning efforts while walking them through the stages of plan development in the MSSOARS Platform.

Deeper Dive into MS SOARS: Indicators of Effective Practice (PowerPoint) and (Webinar)