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Mississippi Virtual Public School (MVPS)

Mississippi Virtual Public Schools (MVPS) is a program that allows public school students to take online courses to supplement their local course choices. MVPS is not an online high school in which a student can complete classes and earn a diploma completely online.

To enroll in MVPS courses, the student must complete the process with his or her local public school counselor. The school district is the point of contact and the decision-making body on how MVPS is implemented at the school level. When using MVPS, a school must choose from a list of courses that have been approved through the Mississippi Online Course Application (MOCA) process to receive a formula-based reimbursement from the Mississippi Department Education.

Districts and schools may enroll as many students as they choose; however, the MDE will only reimburse school districts for successful completion of Carnegie units based on appropriation of money from the legislature and the approved funding formula. Schools are responsible for contacting the vendor, purchasing courses, and entering the correct data into MSIS.

Once students have completed each course successfully, the MDE will reimburse districts according to the approved formula in June of each year.

The amount of money appropriated for MVPS will be divided by the number of students classified as seniors enrolled in public schools in the state which will equal the amount of money reimbursed to districts per Carnegie unit. The MDE will then take 5% of the district’s total number of students classified as seniors and limit the reimbursement to the district for that number of Carnegie units.


Per-pupil funding will be based upon 5% of the 12th grade enrollment on October 1 of the prior school year.

                     Funds available                    = Per-Pupil Amount (PPA)

(0.05 x Statewide 12th Grade Enrollment)


[PPA x (0.05 x District 12th Grade Enrollment)] = District Allocation


For example, based on the legislative funding for 2018 ($437,000) and 5% of the senior enrollment in MS public schools (30,736), the funding for 2018 would have been $284 per Carnegie unit. A district with 200 seniors would be eligible for up to 5% of 200 which is 10 Carnegie unit reimbursements, pending available funds. Up to $2,840 would be reimbursed to the district, if the district used MOCA courses that were uploaded into MSIS.


High School Programs and Innovative Programs, MVPS